Best Album Covers v03

by Eric Mast in

covers03.jpg Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66: My brother and I got really into the A&M golden years covers for a long time. Not like they're really important or amazing, but some of the music was good, and the covers are very direct. Dude is just keeping it real. Cream: great drawings, very psychedelic. I wish the music was as good, because these covers were amazing. Persuasive Percussion-Again Always had great, simple, formal covers. Great illustrations, butt the music was never very percussive or persuasive. Simon & Garfunkle: Bookends was a great record, they're 1968 foray into psych. Simple photo, but does the trick. Herb Alpert: A&M was run by Herb, one of the most successful instrumental performers ever. I'm sure this cover helped out his career. Everyone has seen it and everyone remembers it. I mean, the dude played trumpet... Ash Ra Temple: Very eye catching, post-psychedelic period As Ra. Always love the shots of water in movement. Santanta: Again, not into the music, but the psychedelic illustrations did a lot for the imagination of what the music could sound like. Cosmic Jokers: Very nice, clean psyche, deep synth based kraut exccursions. Roxy Music: The ladies, same as "Whipped Cream", manages to pull of the hott lady cover. Brinkmann: You Can't see this as well, but Matt Brinkmann's hand screened LP cover on Animal Disgiuse. Really awesome if you see it in person. Glenn Branca-Lesson One is awesome record, simple graphic and effective cover.