E*Rock "False Fortress (Moon Duo Remix)"

by Eric Mast in

\E*Rock "False Fortress (Moon Duo Remix)"

Moon Duo's remix of E*Rock's "False Fortress" got a double premier today on 20 Jazz Funk Greats and Altered Zones! Of course, Moon Duo's treatment is extra psychedelic, steeped in that fuzzed out guitar tone that I love; and two of the best blogs in this galaxy giving it support sweetens the deal that much more.

"Moon Duo’s remix of E*Rock's "False Fortress" crawls into your space like a gloomy outtake from that undisclosed (and perchance made-up) Neubauten/Throbbing Gristle country collaboration before accelerating into "Opa Loka" at 45rpm/Finders Keepers dodgy Z Series psychedelic erotica territory. The rhythm is perfectly synchronised with the upwards/downwards thrust of a ritual blade slashing into the fabric of reality to reveal the hidden sexual neuroses of that foolish New Age community that chose to locate its geodesic dome on the hallowed grounds of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary." --20 Jazz Funk Greats