ANP #2

by Eric Mast in

anp02.jpg i like when you can read something and the ideas expressed can seep into your life. like you can directly relate them to something you had in your head already even if it seemed far fetched fifteen minutes earlier. there aren't a lot of things that can do this, to create this dialogue. this can sound corny, but it's not, because a magazine or a website is supposed to do this in essence, and can very much do this on a rare occasion. more often doesn't. so i suppose this is a review, but i was really enjoying this ANP quarterly #2, especially a few interviews and the perspectives laid down by these people. i can't even tell you where to find this magazine, because it's big and free and my friend brendan gave me one but it goes fast because there's no ads and i don't know where it goes. so anyway... sometimes it's good to spend time alone and read and process info. take things in, write a few lines down, draw a few things and let things settle because you have the head space in place. It's also probably a good idea for me to use proper capitalization if I want people to understand what I'm typing. It's a simple thing, but the easier things are to read the more the ideas can get across. And we're generally looking for a little clarity aren't we? Sure we are. Anyway, this is an "art blog" not a regular writing blog, so this is all a sub-note.