Global Goon - Family Glue CD

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ADR057_cover 1500.jpg

Global Goon - Family Glue CD


ARTIST: Global Goon
ALBUM:Family Glue
CAT#: ADR057
UPC: 708527505724

1. Electrostatic Bonj De Lonj 2. Who Goncha Ya?
3. Dead Weird Keks
4. You Set My Face On Fire 5. Glory B
6. Keep Yer Face On
7. Friendship Never Dies
8. My Naem is “Johnny Hawk” 9. Hawaii
10. Pause
11. Family Glue

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“Global Goon’s Johnny Hawk is a former shepherd from Liverpool who earned a recording contract after moving to London and rooming with Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) for a time. Hawk had worked in the capital for a multimedia company while making music on the side; after moving into a shared house with James, he released his first album Goon on Rephlex in 1996. Rumors that Goon actually was Aphex Twin persisted even after the release of Cradle of History two years later” -John Bush (allmusic guide)

Family Glue is Global Goon’s fourth album, and first domestic release of optimistic sunshine synth jams.