Semuin - Province


Semuin - Province


1. Uppland    
2. Lktubli    
3. Gries
4. Nuigini
5. Lok
6. Sing
7. Nacht Karl
8. Ende    
9. Gobi    
10. Kendiha

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Semuin is Jochen Briesen from Berlin, Germany. His sound comparable in feeling to contemporaries like Greg Davis and FS Blumm (Greg Davis mastered the CD and FS Blumm provided the cover artwork) as well as treading into similar acoustic computer worlds as artists like The Books and Town & Country. Thoughtful and varied instrumentation that careens into new directions and seamlessly glued together with organic digital sound glue. Semuin has made a guest appearance on FS Blumm’s previous record “Sesamsamen” and has completed a collaborative record with Anne Laplantine, who also makes a vocal appearance.