by $kull$

$kull$ (pronounced “Dollar Kull Dollar”)  is a music and dance group that performs future traditional Americana music.

Traditional music and social folk festivities in our post internet age and industrialized America are already lacking through our country’s fractured geography, ravaged by the geography of the modern city and the automotive industries effect on the landscape, where cities have been erected for cars rather than humans. In response we have created our own post-apocalyptic/ post-internet culture that is based on urban mythology and is influenced by observations of themes that run through world traditional, religious, and celebratory music. Thrown into this “melting pot” is our personal lineage of youth culture: modern punk, goth, noise, and electronic sub-genres. The music merges modern, mundane, and deconstructed electronics with drumming, clapping, and acoustic folk style instrumentation to create a unification of high and low technology with performance, music and motion.