Various - Ambient Not Not Ambient

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ADR069_cover 1500.jpg

Various - Ambient Not Not Ambient

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TITLE: Ambient  Not Not Ambient
LABEL: Audio Dregs Recordings
CAT#: ADR069
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
RELEASE DATE: 04/29/2008

1. E*Vax "Awl"
2. White Rainbow "See and The Field Feels"
3. Mudboy “Study for a Sleep Album- 2nd Movement”
4. Dania Shapes "Weird Boombox"
5. Bird Show "Less of Everything"
6. Yellow Swans "To Valleys of Beautiful Arson"
7. WZT Hearts "Discuss Winter"
8. Sawako "Nst"
9. Grouper "Quiet Eyes"
10. Nudge "Dayrise"
11. AM/PM "Even as We Here"
12. Smoke & Mirrors "Ocean" 
13. E*Rock "Exexpat"
14. Freeform "Ante Meridian"
15. Chris Herbert "Whips & Jingles"
16. Lucky Dragons "Sayles Street Ok Ok"
17. Valet "Tuesday Partly Sunny"

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This collection was curated by Paul Dickow together with E*Rock as a long term project showcasing some outsider ambient works and blissed-out pop from their hometown in Portland and friends from across the seas. Emphasis was made to bring together artists from a variety of scenes and different underground bubbles that reamin close to our hearts. Though many of the artists may have never previously bumped shoulders it was important for us to keep a common thread in the musicality and a conscious flow when listening as an album. Ambient Not Not Ambient therefore acts strongly on its own merit as a complete, thematicly unified collection of exclusive tracks, not an ad-hoc collection of unrelated out-takes. This is part of the reason it took us so long to organize from conception to completion and to paint a larger picture with the variety involved. We are completely stoked don the outcome now and proud to offer this maxed-out 75+ minute compilation of exclusive tracks at special "EP" price.